Electronic Cigarette Components and their Functions

Electronic cigarettes have made it possible for smokers to enjoy vaping nicotine exclusively. This device has limited dangers involved with smoking tobacco leaves, carbon monoxide and other chemicals that come with the same alongside tar. Thanks to this technology, vaping (smoking electronic cigarettes) is more fun and healthier than it used to be. The only by product produced from using electronic cigarettes is water vapor and a fresh breathe.

Electronic Cigarette Components

Discussed below are electronic cigarette parts and components that make vaping possible.

  1. Lithium ion Button cell: This is the central and most important part of an electronic cigarette. It is the main source of power that powers the cartomizer to vaporize nicotine from its cartridge when one inhales. This button cell is easily rechargeable once low on power.
  2. Microprocessor: This is the processing component that controls how much nicotine is vaporized and delivered into ones lungs. It is also the core component that controls the cigarettes LED light, sensors and cartomizer. It works as a process control system within the e-cig.
  3. Sensors: This is an important component within every e-cigarette. This sensor detects the suckling force when one attempts to inhale, sending a signal to the microprocessor which then activates the cartomizer into action.
  4. Nicotine cartridges: This is the compartment that contains nicotine extracts dissolved in a solvent. This cartridge also plays a role as the mouthpiece where one places his or her lips to inhale. The cartridge can be unscrewed from the e cigs when refilling hence the reason why it is located on the rear end.
  5. The cartomizer: This is the central heating component whose main work is to vaporize nicotine into vapor. The user inhales this nicotine rich vapor to his or her satisfaction. The amount of nicotine delivered per puff is dictated by its percentage concentration in the cartridge. The cartomizer can only be activated by microprocessor for efficiency and to conserve battery power.
  6. Aluminum casing: It is the external metallic casing that protects the main e-cig components. This casing is made of aluminum purposely to make it lightweight and comfortable to hold with the lips.

These are the main components you will find in almost all electronic cigarettes. These cigs can also be used for medicinal purposes especially for addicts seeking to quit smoking for good. A special medicated cartridge is used for this purpose to make this process a success.

There are components that should come with the e-cig kit when you purchase it for the first time. These are the charger (this can be a USB charger or its charging unit), and the e-cig. Some companies may package this device with a portable power bank and an additional cartridge which comes at a discount too.

Whether you are looking for a healthy smoking alternative, or just want to quit smoking for good, you will find refuge in electronic cigarettes. Addicts seeking to quit smoking should however have a physician advise them on the best way to use these e-cigs, and recommend a percentage of nicotine concentration on each refill.

Top Electronic Cigarette Reviews Websites

Have you heard about electronic cigarettes & e juice? Many people have switched over from traditional cigarettes and found these products to be comparable to the cigarettes that they smoke. The primary reason that people want to make this change is because they know they can get the nicotine that their body craves, yet not have to worry about the carcinogens which can lead to various forms of cancer. Here are a few ways that you can quickly find electronic cigarette reviews on the web which will help you make a positive decision toward eliminating traditional cigarette smoking from your life.


How To Stop Smoking With Electronic Cigarettes

Once you have found electronic cigarette reviews online, you can make the right decision. You have to have all of the possible cigarettes in front of you and their flavors are in order to be able to choose which one is right for you. You should always start with a starter pack that will introduce you to the different levels of nicotine in flavors that each company has to offer. Once you have tried out several different flavors, you can usually find one that can replace your existing carcinogen based cigarettes that you are smoking right now.

Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews

The best electronic cigarette reviews are typically found on websites that have a substantial amount of information. You can usually tell the difference between a website that is simply trying to sell you one particular product, and one that is offering a great deal of value in regard to information and comparisons. After reading all of this information, you can make sure that your choice for electronic cigarette that you want to smoke is a good one. Be sure to work with a reputable company that also has a stellar reputation on the web not only for the products that they sell, but also the customer service that they provide.

Switching To Electronic Cigarettes

An electronic cigarette delivers water vapor that contains a small dose of nicotine. The flavored water vapor gives you the impression of smoking a real cigarette and the nicotine helps satisfy your cravings.

Replacing real cigarettes with an e cig can help you reduce your smoking and even quit. Keep in mind that you will not get rid of your addiction to nicotine as long as you keep exposing your body to this substance, which means that using an e cig is not enough to help you quit.


An e cigarette is however a great tool to help you quit smoking if it is used with other methods. You could for instance give yourself a certain time frame to gradually replace cigarettes with an e cigarette. Once you reach this goal, you should work on reducing the amount of nicotine you ingest, for instance by switching to cartridges that contain less nicotine.

You will get good results with e cigarettes if you find a quality product that gives you the impression that you are really smoking. Instead of buying the cheapest electronic cigarette you can find, you should read a few reviews online and order a quality product from a good manufacturer. The taste and the sensation will be a lot more enjoyable if you invest in a quality electronic cigarette.

If you are not sure about electronic cigarettes, meet with your doctor so you can discuss this product. Meeting with your doctor is necessary if you want to quit smoking. You will have to establish a detailed plan to reduce your smoking and eventually quit and this plan could include the use of an e cigarette if you feel that this product is right for you and if your doctor agrees. If you are just curious about the product, order a good e cigarettes so you can try it out and decide whether or not you want to use it.

Important Facts About Electronic Cigarettes

woman-smiling-happyWhen you look at using electronic cigarettes you need to know all the important facts. These facts can clear up a number of misconceptions that you may have about these devices. There are a lot of different misconceptions that you have to know about.

How Close is This to the Real Thing?

A question that a lot of people ask about the use of electronic cigarettes is how close the experience is to real cigarettes. The fact is that certain brands offer a very similar experience. While the experience will never be completely the same as tobacco based cigarettes many devices do come close. The nicotine satisfaction and the feel of the vapor are similar enough to satisfy most people.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

The biggest concern that people have regarding electronic cigarettes is their safety. Most electronic cigarettes are quite safe to use and they are better for you than tobacco cigarettes. The vapor that you inhale with these devices is a mixture of liquid nicotine and water. This is considered to be better for you than tobacco smoke because of the high number of chemicals that are found in regular cigarettes.

Will You Stop Smoking?

A common misconception is that electronic cigarettes were created to help people stop smoking. The fact is that these devices are not cited as a smoking cessation device. The electronic cigarette is technically an alternative to traditional smoking which is better for you in the long run.

Of course, there are many people who have successfully used electronic cigarettes to stop smoking. You simply need to remember that electronic cigarettes are not designed to help you stop.

Why Are People Against Electronic Cigarettes?

There are many groups and people who are against the use of electronic cigarettes. The motives behind their objections vary from device safety to financial interests. The groups and people who are looking at device safety feel that more tests need to be done on the long-term effects of electronic cigarette usage. Once these clinical trials have been completed many of these people will no longer object to the use of electronic cigarettes.

The groups who object to electronic cigarettes on the basis of financial interests are looking for a way to profit. The electronic cigarette industry is going to be a billion dollar industry once clinical trials have been completed.

Where Can You Use The Devices?

Unlike traditional cigarettes there are few regulations on the usage of electronic cigarettes. It is possible to use the devices anywhere including areas where traditional cigarettes are prohibited. However, you should verify this with the local authorities and the staff of places where you want to use the device. While there may not be ay regulations prohibiting the use some people may be wary about you using the devices.

Are There Bad Electronic Cigarettes?

Not all manufacturers are looking to offer the best quality to people. This means that there are some brands of electronic cigarettes that are not as good as others. You need to use a bit of discrimination in your selection of electronic cigarettes. You should look at user reviews of the different devices and find the ones that offer you what you want and are safe to use.

There are many facts you should know about electronic cigarettes. Knowing these facts allows you to determine whether or not this is the right choice for you.